Agricultural production

Agricultural production is developed according to the natural characteristics of this region, although insufficiently considering the potentials, so that the most developed and most widely represented sectors are: cattle-raising (cow and sheep raising), fruit-growing (plums, apples and small berries – over 90% of raspberry production is exported); and tillage (potatoes).

This region participates largely in the total production of Serbia for the following products: raspberries (40%), potatoes (10%) and plums (5%). From the ecological point of view, natural conditions make this region very suitable for the development of agricultural production with special qualities, food industry and the production of the so-called healthy (’natural’) food.

In agricultural industry, the most developed sectors are: meat production, meat processing and the production of smoke-dried meats (ham, sausages, bacon, etc.), production of milk and milk products (cheese and cream), production of natural brandies with geographically protected origins, production of herbs and forest fruits ( mushrooms, wild strawberries, blueberries, juniper, etc.) and there are also capacities for the production of juices, fruit syrups, jams, marmalades, stewed fruit and vegetable products.

In cattle-raising, most private farms have small premises and they are dominated by households which are 3 to 5 ha in size. Current capacities, mainly for the production of beef (for fattening bull-calves) are used very little (20–30%). This region greatly participates in the total number of cows and sheep in Serbia, 9.5%. The number of registered farms is constantly growing since it is a precondition to using the budget funds allocated to agriculture.

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