Presented project Agriculture Forecast – Reporting System (AFRS) in the Cross Border Region

Project Agriculture Forecast – Reporting System (AFRS) in the Cross Border Region was presented to representatives in 8 local self-governments in Zlatibor region. Project is implementing within Second Call for Proposals of the CBC Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is founded by European Union.

In Republic of Serbia project will be implemented on territory of following local self-government: Bajina Basta,  Kosjeric, Nova Varos, Pozega, Priboj, Prijepolje, Cajetina and Uzice.  In Bosnia and Herzegovina project will covered also 8 municipalities: Gorazde, Olovo, Vogosca, Pale Praca, Ilijas, Ilidja, Foca Ustikolina i Fojnica.

Project is implementing by Agriculture Extension Services Uzice and Federal Institute for Agriculture Sarajevo with partner support of Regional Development Agency Zlatibor and Sarajevo Regional Development Agency.

Objective of this project is establishing innovative concept of integrated agricultural production based on transfer of knowledge and experience in appliance of information technologies for forecasting and reporting farmers about meteorological condition in the area. In first phase of the project is planned to establish forecast-reporting system thorough procurement of 20 weather stations for collecting data and 15 stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, software for data processing and sending SMS to the farmers. Beside this in second phase of the project raising awareness campaign will be conducted in order to inform as many farmers about benefits of the system and involve them in active use of information. This service will be free in next 3 years from establishing the system. Overall budget is approximately 300.000 Euros and co-financing is provided from   Agriculture Extension Services Uzice.

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