Selection of candidates for trainings

National Employment Service - section in Uzice, continuously conduct set of activities like: pre-selection of candidates for one month training on production of objects from recycled textile. Within these activities, analysis of unemployment was carried out, with special emphasis on several important criteria: women as target group, a lower level of education, longer period as unemployed persons, belonging to majorities, disability, single mothers, social assistance users, violence victims etc.

At the end of this process, 35 women were preselected and they entered the level 2, related to self-efficiency training with the aim of raising the motivation for participation in project activities and in general, to train them for active job search. After two-day trainings, group info sessions were organized in order to introduce potential participants to project activities, training, their rights and obligations during and after the completion of training. 20 out of 35 women will be chosen for one-month training, while the rest of 15 will be the resource base for the recruitment.
Training will be conducted from September to October and thus provide enough time for procurement of equipment and engaging professional trainers. After the completion of training, 10 women who show the highest level of knowledge and work motivation on final tests, are going to be selected.


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