Market Positioning training

Three-day training on social entrepreneurship, market positioning and marketing planning was held in Niksic, from 21 to 23 August, for the representatives of the two associations and project team members. Considering the complexity of the overall project, which is mainly reflected in establishing centers for the production of items from recycled textile and market strategy for its sustainability, this type of training was necessary and useful.

Lecturer`s has been focused on the fields of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial competencies, social entrepreneurship, business idea and business opportunity) and market positioning (market analysis, marketing mix, and marketing planning), because those two segments represents the greatest challenge for the establishment of centers. Two non-government organizations have been operating for several years on non-profit principles in line with their organization type and legislation, but did not have contact with the real market. After project activities end, sustainability of the newly established processes will be acquired in that type of market. Therefore, preparation is crucial and it was training`s purpose. Upon completion of project, both organizations will continue to work on strengthening the market capacities, thus contributing to sustainability of their business initiatives. Personalized marketing plans for both associations will be created, which will contribute to creation of detailed market approach strategy.

Training was conducted by the consultant company Viga from Belgrade and Mrs. Ana Stanic, who will provide a mentoring support to marketing plan creation for organizations in future.

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