Adaptation of the Recycling Centre

We are currently working on the adaptation of the premises which will house the equipment for sewing and where the recycling centre will be established.
The replacement of electrical and water installations was necessary for reasons of commissioning 5 specialized machines  for textile sewing and quilting, as well as three washers for textile washing, drying and ironing. Such a large number of consumers of electricity and water as energy sources required an adequate check up of the existing installations as well as some additional improvements. With the masonry and painting works, which will follow at the very end, we will put an end to the building procedures and thus provide the necessary infrastructural conditions for the start of production of the used textiles.

Simultaneously with this activity, procedures for the provision of the necessary equipment soon to be set up at the Women’s Centre are also being implemented. The expectations of the project team are that all the activities related to the opening of the Centre will be completed by the end of November, so that in December the Centre could organize training for 20 selected candidates there. In this way, at the beginning of 2015, we will be ready for the production of prototypes of various products from the used textiles and our appearance in the market.

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