ReForce – Strengthening the role of civil society organizations in community development and public administration reform

Programme: Civil service development support in Serbin 2011-2013

Donor: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Project title: ReForce – Strengthening the role of civil society organizations in local community development and public administration reform

Total costs: 110,017 EUR

Applicant: Belgrade Open School (BOS)
Partners: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO)

Project associates: the Zlatibor Regional Development Agency, City of Belgrade`s Agency for European Integrations and Cooperation with Civil Society

Duration: from November 2013 to January 2015

General objective: to support cooperation between civil society organizations and public administration in order to create systematic, sustainable and efficient partnership in process of practice policy creation and decision making at the local level.

Specific objective:

1. To develop institutional, effective dialog for strengthening the role of civil society organizations in local community development.
2. To improve procedures for the allocation of funds to civil society organizations, in accordance with strategic priorities of local communities.
3. Strengthen the role of civil society organizations in improving the transparency and responsibility of public administration in the effective management of local    funds envisaged for local community organizations.


1.    Developed mechanism for effective and transparent financing association in, at least, 5 local self-governments in south and southwestern Serbia.
2.    Created internet platform “Local development support package”, as an support instrument to cooperation establishment and partnership between associations   and         public government.
3.    Developed new service package of the SKGO`s Service Center, that encourages cooperation of public administration and civil society on the local level.
4.    Created Practical policy study with the analysis of the support cost-effectiveness and efficiency to associations at the local level and recommendations for         improving the associations financing system from local self-government fund.
5.    Improved capacities of local self-governments and associations for joint creation of local development policies.
6.    5 local association projects conducted in cooperation with local self-governments which are committed to specific problem solving in local communities.
7.    Improved efficiency and enhanced quality of association funding process at the local level in, at least, 5 local self-governments.
8.    At least 50,000 people directly involved in the local projects through positive social changes that projects resulted in.

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