How to increase the competitiveness of the SME sector

On the occasion of the implementation start of the project SMARTINNO - Intelligent Network and On Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 at the Business -Technical College in Uzice, within  the SMEs week and on the occasion of the beginning of the project SMARTINNO, there was  held a promotional event which brought together the companies from the Zlatibor District, institutions which support  the private sector and a large number of students.

The Director of the Zlatibor RDA  presented a new project that will implement a series of activities related to  networking of innovative companies with scientific educational institutions, creators of  innovation policies  and potential investors at the level of Serbia, as well as at the international level, in the remaining seven countries participating in the implementation of this strategic project.

Stefanija Djokic, from the National Agency for Regional Development, spoke about the European Enterprise Network, present in Serbia since 2009, through which our small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to connect with potential customers and associates in over 55 countries around the world, which are members of the EEN.Up to now, thanks to the European Enterprise Network, our companies concluded over 90 agreements with partners from abroad, and participated in numerous international fairs and exhibitions.

The importance of mutual cooperation and association of companies in the same business activity was presented by Snezana Selakovic who participated as a consultant in the formation of several clusters in Serbia and is engaged in the establishment of the newly established cluster in Zlatibor District.Namely, as a result of project activities in the project named EUMETAL 2, an  inaugural assembly of the WEST METAL GROUP cluster was held this month, which was founded by 11 companies in the metal sector of our region, the Technical School from Požega, the Technical School from Uzice, the Business -Technical College in Uzice, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade and the Zlatibor RDA.

Following the presentation about  clusters, Professor Milovan Milivojević spoke about the importance and application of knowledge as a basic prerequisite for innovation progress and encouraging in the private sector. He particularly emphasized the recently held competition for innovative projects within the PROFIS project, where there were presented the ideas from different sectors - tourism, green economy, information and communication technology and agribusiness.

At the end of the event, Marina Tucović  from the Uzice Women's Center transferred her  experiences from transnational PROFIS competition in Budapest, and presented the idea of a textile recycling center and the so-far implemented activities on its establishment.

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