Signature of Partnership Agreement

Ceremony of partnership agreement signature related to the project Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and enhancement of cross-border links in the metal industry – EUMETAL 2 was organized  on 6th June, 2013 in the premises of Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency.

Agreement was signed by Mr. Slavko Lukic, director of RDA Zlatibor and Mr. Sevkija Okeric, director of SERDA, institutions in charge for implementation,  as well as by Project partners, Mr. Emir Hrenovica, Sarajevo Canton Minister of Economy and Mr. Ivica Ezdenci, director of National Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia.

At the official opening conference organized to inform wider public about start of the Project, it was highlighted that metal processing sector companies will receive support necessary for placing their products on the demanding EU market.


Our two regions are  parts of the unique market in metal processing industry, thus the exchange of experience between successful companies dealing in Sarajevo Canton and Western Serbia Region will be very valuable for improving their competitiveness and access to foreign markets – said Mr. Lukic.

We are starting the Project that will be implemented in the next two years and focused on export oriented companies- said Mr. Okeric.  He also underlined that companies will receive support for participation on international fairs, as well as in profiling and branding certain products.

The most important within planned Project activities are B2B meetings of metal processing companies from Serbia and Bosnia, design and printing of promotional material, training need assessment and accordingly organization of specialized trainings for employees.

Director of the National Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Ezdenci, expects that support of small and medium sized enterprises, especially of those dealing in metal processing sector, will come to the full extent through EUMETAL 2 project implementation.

"Small and medium-sized enterprises are declaratively supported by all relevant actors, but generally problem in all states of the former Yugoslavia lies in complicated regulations SMEs have to respect.  There are a number of administrative obstacles, which have negative impact on their operations and business – said Ezdenci.  He believes that specific and grater financial support would have significant contribution to the development of these enterprises in Bosnia and Serbia.

EUMETAL 2 project has been awarded a grant contract in the scope of 2nd Call of Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina. Total value of the Project amounts 365.432 EUR. European Union provided 83% of the funds, while 17% will be provided by SERDA and RDA Zlatibor. Duration of the Project is 20 months.

TV special of the Opening Conference you can see here.

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