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Within the project “Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and enhancement of cross-border links in the metal industry – EUMETAL 2, a two-day training for managers  and employees in metal sector companies in cross-border area was organized on 26th and 27th December 2013.


The aim of the seminar was strengthening the human capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises and their organizational and negotiation skills, as well as introduction to the basic principles of management, leadership and modern management rules. In accordance with the recommendations of the training needs analysis (TNA) that preceded this event, training covered the following topics:

1. Organization, management and internal communication-requirements, problems and practical experience of modern management.

2. Sales approach, market expansion, negotiating - enhancing competitiveness and development strategy of the sales-oriented organization.

The training was attended by 28 employees from 10 companies from B&H and 10 companies from Serbia which participated in the project. Through interactive work with trainers, managers and employees of SMEs adopted knowledge very ease, also participated and discussed their business organization and management. Modern management, market access strategies and internal communication within the company were also on the list of topics. The focus was on the basic elements of sales approach (products/services) and particular on the negotiation skills. Finally, with the help of trainers groups of participants created an action plan for their companies for the next three months.

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