Schools waste less

Recycling containers in the schoolyards

With the new school year, primary and secondary schools in Uzice got steel containers for the  disposal of waste from plastic bins which has been placed inside of schools. In this way, raw material could be stored until all waste will be transported to the PUC Duboko recycling center by special truck which was purchased in September.


Truck for container transport has arrived in Užice

After long public procurement process, container transport truck has arrived in Uzice. Truck is designed to transport 5m3 and 7m3 containers, that will be filled with waste from 14 schools which are involved in implementation of project “Primary waste selection”. In this way, infrastructural preconditions for process implementation, at the beginning of school year, are achieved. New truck will contribute to regular containers emptying and better recording of collected raw materials and this will further promote primary waste selection as a desirable and acceptable method of waste management in Uzice city. Two years in a row, Uzice conduct primary waste selection in the inner city area.


Tara eco-camp diary

The last day of eco-camp, August 25, 2013

The morning started with presentation „Positive experiences in Belgium on primary waste selection“ (Miloš Radojević, RDA), where we saw good practice examples and realized that national institutions must be involved and that is very important to constantly raise awareness of early age population.


Campaign on primary waste selection in schools

After 6 months of project, we make the first TV show which monitors project activities and affirms concept of primary waste selection and those involved in this process in Užice schools. In this way, we want to share the results that we obtained, with our citizens, wider community and all stakeholders.


Promotional and educational campaign “Easy for Anyone”

Within the promotional and educational activities of the Project, filming of video that promotes concept of primary waste selection in schools in two cities is finished. The author`s intention was to bring primary selection of waste closer to students and wider community,


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