Schools waste less

Eco-quizzes in Užice primary schools

On June 4, first ecological quiz on recycling and primary waste selection for school age pupils from 7 primary schools in Užice who are attending ecology sections, was held in primary school “Slobodan Sekulić”.


First waste shipments transported to “Duboko”

On Friday, May 31st, technical service of PUC “Duboko” have organized first collecting of selected waste in Užice schools. Cleaning staff of 12 primary and secondary schools helped in waste collecting and waste has been sent to Regional sanitary landfill of solid communal waste “Duboko” for final selecting. 305 kilograms of selected waste contained: 184kg of paper, 60kg of plastic bottles, 25kg of aluminium cans, 19kg of nylon and 17kg of cardboard packages.


Tuzla teachers visited Užice colleagues

Last weekeng, teacher of ecology sections in Tuzla primary and secondary schools, who are enrolled in project “Schools Waste Less”, visited Užice. Teachers from Tuzla wanted to meet Užice colleagues before they go together to Tara eco-camp, camp for primary school students at the end of August.


Waste separation bins placed in Užice schools

Four-coloured waste separation bins have arrived at Užice primary and secondary schools, thus this process is practically introduced between the pupils in city on Djetinja, four-coloured bins: yellow for PET packaging, blue for paper, green for cans and cardboard packaging and brown bins for other types of waste.



Completed trainings for ecology section teachers

Two-day trainings for ecology section teachers in primary and secondary schools in Užice and Tuzla were held in last  few weeks. Trainings were part of educational activities of project “Primary Waste Selection in Schools”.


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