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The end of project

14th Project team meeting from Užice and external monitoring visit at the end of April, marked the formal end of the project “Establishment of primary waste selection in schools in Užice and Tuzla”. During the 15 months of project, different activities had been conducted, some of which are educational and technical. Educational were focused on students, schools personnel and local community, while technical activities targeted utility companies and schools in two cities.


The third TV show on Primary waste selection in schools

In the last month of the Project, we have done the third in a row and also the last show of the series on Primary waste selection in schools, in order to promote this process and contribute to its sustainability in the future. The show presents various project activities aspects, with emphasis on total amount of selected waste and the positive effects - environmental and economic. Our respondents were students, teachers, utility company personnel, as well as Project team members, who express their own point of view and opinions about issues.


Project evaluation in progress

Evaluation of results and achievements of our project, which is implemented by Insitute for Territorial Economic Development from Belgrade, started with a two-day visit to Užice at the end of last week. The evaluation aims at reviewing the project results, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of results fulfillment, assessing the possibilities for project sustainability after its completion and creating recommendations for improvement of the established proces.


New Project Beneficiaries in Užice!

Because of the undoubted actuality of this theme and ubiquitous need for an adequate attitude towards municipal waste , the results of the introduction of the primary waste selection in schools are more visible and positive reactions are numerous. As a result, 4 new users joined the project last month. “Petar Radovanović” Home for Children and Youth, Red Cross of Užice, “Poletarac” kindergarten and the Association of Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis Disabled Persons – Užice, showed an interest to provide their wards and personnel with the opportunity to separately collect waste that generate on a daily basis.


Closing conference of the cross-border cooperation project

The project “Establishment of the Primary Waste Selection in Schools in Užice and Tuzla” ends in April 2014, and the conference on this occasion was held on 21st March in “Tuzla” hotel in Tuzla, a town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. 15 months duration of the project, which is funded by the European Union within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, has led to realization of the goals set in project proposals, but also contributed to long-term goals fulfillment. The most important goals were presented at the Conference by the project actors.


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