Establishing virtual business incubator in Uzice

The aim of the project: Increased level of survival newly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by providing mentoring and consulting services.

Project location: Municipality of Uzice

Project results:
Realization of this project has provided support and technical assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from territory of Municipality Uzice, in the initial period of their existence, which is of vital importance for newly established enterprises. RC provided the training from various segments of business for a total of 60 starters in business, consulting services and intensive mentor work for 20, while 6 received specific help for registering their own business. 9 new jobs have been opened during the realization of this project. The experiences and methodologies adopted during the realization of this project were later applied to another project that dealt with "entrepreneurial incubation“.

The role of the Agency in Project implementation: The lead partner

Project's costs: $ 14957

Donor: USAID

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