Waste is not garbage

Project title: Waste is not garbage

Programme: EU Exchange 4

General objective: Contribution to more efficient use of the Regional Center for Waste Management “Duboko” by enhancing the quantity and quality of the primary selected waste.

Specific objective: Improved process of primary communal waste selection in territory of the city of Užice and the Municipality of Čajetina

-    Improved primary waste selection process by decreasing the amount of green waste in communal waste in territory of the City of Užice
-    Established tehcnical conditions for primary waste selection of communal waste in territory of Čajetina municipality
-    Raised capacities of local community representatives and the employees in public utility companies for establishing and improving the primary waste selection system
-    Promoted primary waste seletion of communal waste among citizens in the City of Užice and Čajetina municipality

Donor: The European Union

The role of the Agency in Project implementation: RDA is a partner

Project costs
: 162,190 EUR

Project duration: 12 months (February 2014 – February 2015)


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