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2 Promotion of sustainable use of bioenergy in the Zlatibor Region - first phase
3 Užice IMC Regional Value Chain – phase 2
4 Promotion of Financing Innovation in South-East Europe (PROFIS)
5 Textile recycling to sustainable solutions
6 Waste is not garbage
7 ReForce – Strengthening the role of civil society organizations in community development and public administration reform
8 Regional value chain in IMC territory
9 Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and enhancement of cross border links in metal industry - EUMETAL2
10 CROSS SPA (Development and Promotion of Health and SPA tourism in Cross-border Area of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia)
11 Schools waste less
12 Agriculture Forecast-Reporting System (AFRS) in the Cross-border Region
13 Preparation of the Strategic and Operational Marketing Plan for the part of South West Serbia tourism cluster
14 Public advocacy campaigns of civil society organization for sustainable using of natural recourses in Southwest Serbia
15 Public and civil sector, together in the sustainable usage of energy resources
16 Sustainble Tourism for Equal Chances - STEC
17 Business zone Kolovrat
18 Raspberry from Arilje “Ariljska malina”
19 Supporting SMEs and tourist associations in the Municipality of Prijepolje
20 Foundation of the agricultural innovation centre in the Municipality of Arilje
21 Organization and implementation of workshops for promoting self-employment in tourism in 8 municipalities
22 Establishment of three local centres for SME support in Zlatibor Region
23 Local economic development support programme
24 Virtual business incubator services for the users of the Programme for poverty reduction by supporting start-up enterprises
25 Reducing poverty by supporting start-up businesses and socio-economic integration of refugees and internally displaced people
26 Preparation and publication of business address book of SMEs, handicraft and other shops in the Municipality of Uzice
27 Self-employment project for the deprived population in Serbia
28 Export development programme
29 Manual for growing herbs used in medicine
30 Poverty reduction through support of tourism development in rural areas
31 Establishing virtual business incubator in Uzice
32 Decreasing unemployment through cooperation with the employer
33 Training and organizing qualification exam for tourist guides in Zlatibor region
34 United to self-employment
35 Non-financial support to SMEs development in Serbia
36 Private Sector Development in Southwest Serbia
37 Operating Grant to enhance operations of Regional Development Agency “Zlatibor“ (ZRDA)
38 Institutionalization of mentoring in Small and Medium Size Enterprises

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