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Common yet unique – Traditional products in tourism of Western Serbia region

Global consumers’ trends indicate increasing demand for natural, healthy and authentic food which reflects culture and tradition of certain area. According to these trends, offer of traditional/local products in Zlatiborski County, its promotion and increased visibility, is the backbone of development and safeguard of its identity so as the model for the territory branding.

Tourism market of Western Serbia is recognised as significant source of demand for traditional products. In aim to increase the visibility of traditional products and local kitchen and to stimulate wider demand, primarily of tourists and visitors, with the support of Private sector development programme (PSD), first Gastro map of tourism region of Western Serbia-Common yet unique is published and distributed. It provides information about local food and places of their sale, and introduces registered farms as places of sale of local / traditional products (with respect to the existing legislation which is very restrictive and selective).

Degustation of local products as an element of the tourist offer and marketing channel of traditional products is enhanced by establishing the first four degustation centres: Acim-Musvete, Zaric distillery-Kosjeric, Sopalovic-Mackat and Torlak-Sljivovica. These centres specifically promote and popularize traditional products in the market of tourism in Western Serbia. Thanks to the degustation centres, a new market for the products of small producers who have no other options for a continuous and profitable sale is being opened, a new form of demand is being created and sale and income are being increased. Degustation centres are gastro map elements.You could download map here.

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