How to improve the therapist-patient and spa therapist-client relations in spa tourism?

Within the CROSS SPA project, training on standardization and the enhancement of spa services quality by improving the relationship between service providers and service users, was held on 16th and 17th December 2013, in “Dunav” Resort at Zlatibor, for the providers of physiotherapeutic and catering services in spas and health institutions and other tourist facilities in the cross-border area of Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The senior physiotherapist, Mr. Dušan Vukoslavčević, have introduced the participants to standardized services in the field of physiotherapeutic and spa massages through practical work and the representative of the Europe SPA Association, Ms. Sonja Sigulinski, have acquainted them with a theoretical definition of spa tourism, wellness movement, spa facilities and emotional communication in health tourism.

By implementing this training, CROSS SPA project have contributed to the creation and placement of the enhanced health tourism service in territory of Zlatiborski District and Sarajevo Macroregion.

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